Watch out – Skid Row singer covered some well known songs from famous bands.”

After Erik Gronwall became the new lead singer of Skid Row, interest in him in the rock and metal world suddenly increased, especially after the phenomenal album “The Gang’s All Here,” which rightfully won the award for the best albums of 2022 on our website. Erik showed all the splendor of his talent, breathed new life into the somewhat declining Skid Row, and brought it back to where it belongs. The “Jersey bums” are relevant again and on a great rise.

However, it’s not just Erik’s work with Skid Row that proves he’s a top-notch singer. We shouldn’t forget about several albums with the group HEAT that he has released over the years, and thanks to his YouTube channel, we have a rare opportunity to see how Erik would fit into other well-known bands.

Perhaps singers of bands such as Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, and others should be a little wary that Erik doesn’t take over their place in their own groups. After all, he got his spot in Skid Row after one such clip.

Check out some of the latest covers that this Swede, who also made it onto the list of the best new singers in the rock world, released on his channel!

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