Extreme has already told us everything in advance about their new album?

Band photo: Jesse Lirola

Everything we wanted to know about the new Extreme album, which is coming out later this year, was actually shown to us in advance, literally on display. It’s enough to take a look at their Instagram profile and everything will become clearer.

Starting from February 17, Extreme has been posting encrypted messages on their profile, each one containing a symbol, a short text, and attached sound effects. Many people suspected that it was a teaser for something new. At first, it was thought to be a song, but as the days went by, it became clearer that it might be something more.

Since the messages were too short and undefined, it was impossible to know exactly what it was about until the first single “Rise” was released, which answered all the questions that had been troubling us.

In the video for the song “Rise,” you can clearly see a cross in the background changing colors as the band plays, which corresponds to the first encrypted message from February 17. If we compare the short text that went with it, we will see that it matches the lyrics of that song. In addition, the message has a total of 12 symbols which is the number of songs announced on the album “Six.”

Of course, this is not some grand discovery, but rather an observation. Now that we have the formula, it would be easy to try and decipher the other messages. This photograph taken from the band’s Instagram profile will serve us for that.

So, if we look from the bottom, next to the band’s photo, we see the cross that we already said corresponds to the song “Rise.” That’s where we start counting these encrypted messages, where “Rise” is the first one and the twelfth and last one is at the top next to the photo of the guitarist Nuno Bettencourt.

1.   Rise

2.   #Rebel

3.   Banshee

4.   Other Side of the Rainbow

5.   Small Town Beautiful –

6.   The Mask

7.   Thicker Than Blood

8.   Save Me

9.   Hurricane

10. X Out

11. Beautiful Girls

12. Here’s to the Losers

If we compare the encrypted messages with the song list, it’s clear that each message corresponds to a song on the album and that they are arranged in the exact order. All in all, Extreme did a good job with the countdown, which only added to the already high anticipation of fans. Fifteen years have passed since their previous release, so the announcement of a new album had to be – in their style, extremely interesting!

It remains to be seen how many singles will be available before the album’s release, and whether these symbols from the messages will continue to appear in music videos and how they will be used. It is also unclear whether there is a broader connection between them.

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