From TV shows to new songs: Discover what’s on Wig Wam’s latest album “Out Of The Dark”


Norwegian glam rockers Wig Wam made a triumphant return to the music scene back in 2021 with their album then new album “Never Say Die” after a nearly ten-year hiatus. Despite facing challenges due to the state of the music industry, that led to the lack if interest in music in general, the band decided to release a new record titled “Out Of The Dark,” which dropped on February 10th of this year. With the renewed and enthusiastic interest in the Wig Wam sparked by their inclusion in the HBO series “Peacemaker,” these Norwegian rockers are at top of their game and more than ready to conquer not only Scandinavia and Europe, but also the USA this time.

“Out Of The Dark” is packed with anthemic hit songs, catchy choruses, and powerful riffs, making it a must-listen for fans of glam, sleaze and hard rock music. If you’re curious about the album, here are some interesting facts we’ve gathered that you might want to know.

Wig Wam are:

Glam (Åge Sten Nilsen) – vocals
Teeny (Trond Holter) – guitars
Flash (Bernt Jansen) – bass
Sporty (Øystein Andersen) – drums

1.The idea to record “Out Of The Dark” came to the band shortly after their song “Do Ya Wanna Taste It” was featured as the opening track for the HBO series “Peacemaker.” The use of their music in the popular show led to a surge in popularity and a newfound fanbase for Wig Wam. The band began receiving an unprecedented volume of phone calls, messages, and invitations for TV, radio, and podcast appearances.

2.Thanks to the unexpected success of the album and the newfound attention from fans and media alike, Wig Wam is set to embark on their first-ever American tour. The changes in the band’s ordinary life have been significant, but they are excited to take on this new chapter in their career.

3.The opening track of the album, “Out Of The Dark,” deals with the issue of domestic violence and was the first song written by Åge Sten Nilsen and Trond Holter together. However, as Åge explained in an interview, the song isn’t about their own personal relationships but rather about a close friend’s experiences.

4,On the other hand, “Forevermore,” a song written by Trond Holter, initially received skepticism from Åge, who felt it deviated from Wig Wam’s usual themes. The song is a departure from the band’s typical laid-back, party, and comedy-oriented catalog and is more reminiscent of Viking metal. The lyrics pay homage to their legendary ancestors – Vikings.

5.The final track on the album, “Sailor and The Desert Sun,” written by Åge, also contains Viking themes and is in some way connected to aforementioned “Forevermore.”

6.”Uppercut Shazam” is Åge’s favorite song on the album. The track is about being an underdog, fighting back, and also little bit about the war. According to Åge, “Uppercut Shazam” gives listeners an adrenaline rush right from the opening riff, and he believes it should be the band’s live opener.

7.”Ghosting You” was initially intended for Åge’s solo album but was eventually included in “Out Of The Dark.” The song deals with energy vampires, and the talk-box effect used in the song has an interesting backstory. Åge wanted to incorporate a talk-box effect in the track and sang the part into the microphone to show Trond how to do it. As Trond didn’t have a talk-box at the time, the producer saved Åge’s recording for later use. When the album was completed, Åge was pleased with Trond’s work with the talk-box. Trond told Åge that they used his recording from that day, saying, “It’s not a talk-box, it’s you, man.”

8.Half of the “Out Of The Dark” album was recorded before the band’s music was featured on “Peacemaker.” In order to cater to the new fanbase that the series brought, the band decided to add some lighter material to balance the album’s overall heavier and darker tone. This is a testament to the band’s adaptability and willingness to evolve while still staying true to their roots.

9.Interestingly, there were songs that did not make it onto the album, and the band has opted to save them for later. It is possible that these unreleased tracks may end up in some TV shows and movies in the future.

10.One notable song on the album is “Bad Luck Chuck,” which is based on a true story. The song tackles the issue of people who constantly complain about their lack of success but refuse to take action to change their situation. This particular track is the oldest song on the album and was created during jam sessions on the band’s previous tour. Despite that, it fits seamlessly into the album’s cohesive and powerful sound.

In conclusion, Wig Wam’s latest album “Out Of The Dark” has been a welcome return for the Norwegian glam rockers. With a mix of powerful glam metal anthems, Viking themes, serious elements and a more laid-back, party style tunes, the album showcases the band’s versatility and creativity. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a new one who discovered them through “Peacemaker,” “Out Of The Dark” is definitely an album worth checking out for anyone who loves this genre of music.

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