Jet 68’s “Superqueen” Album Finally Available for Streaming – A Hidden Gem Of Early 2000s

Jet 68’s album “Superqueen” from 2002 is finally available for official online streaming on various platforms. Jet 68 was a hard rock band that formed in Hollywood in 1999 and existed until 2003.

They were a supergroup of musicians from various groups that emerged from the latest wave of Sunset Strip bands, known for their glam rock style. The band consisted of Kenny Price (Blackboard Jungle) on, Mike Penketh (Swingin’ Thing), Eddie Robison (Alleycat Scratch), Jamie Scrap (Shooting Gallery & Filthy Rittz, and Vince Flores).

Although Jet 68 was formed from members of glam metal bands, their music on the “Superqueen” album is more aligned with the trends of the time it was originally released. The album features hard rock with punk influences combined with late 90s alternative tunes. In an alternate reality, this release could have been one of the best rock records of that year. Nevertheless, it is great to have this album available online for dedicated fans of this genre that will surely appreciate this little gem.

How Jet 68’s ‘Superqueen’ blends punk, hard rock, and alternative tunes to perfection, you can listen to the it on your preferred platform here

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