Junkyard Club: Capitol Fox – Florida Rockers Ready To Storm The Scene


The Sound: The impact of a certain band is recognizable instantly, and that band is Soundgarden. Especially if we take vocals into consideration. On the other hand, musically speaking, Capitol Fox could be described as combining a lot of Guns N Roses and Aerosmith guitar riffs and tricks. Essentially, their music is rooted in a lot of that classic 70s hard rock sound. Add to all of that the mentioned grunge influence, and you get the perfect combination of all these genres in one modern and relevant style.

The Story: The Ancient Greeks believed a great fox was sent by the gods to prey upon children as punishment for national crimes committed by the city Thebes. And long after that great Egyptian City fell, the symbol of a fox has endured, as both a trickster and a problem solver. In more recent times, the City of Washington DC saw a rabid fox biting politicians on both sides of the aisle, dubbed The Capitol Fox by news outlets, the four legged creature stood in non partisan protest of our modern cities encroaching on nature.

Capitol Fox, the band, is not politically motivated but yet is looking to wage a peaceful protest against the encroachment of technology in our lives and art. Rooted in the ways of 70’s hard rock and revolving around a classic power trio of guitars, bass and drums with soaring vocals that would make even the pointy ears of the Thebes Fox take notice. Capitol Fox was formed when drummer Todd Charron convinced singer/guitarist Coleman Wilcox that his considerable chops were destined to be highlighted in a brand new band that was at once novel, yet familiar. The two then tapped Derek Cole to play bass and as a trio they set about writing and recording this first EP.

The Band: Coleman Wilcox (vocals/guitar), Todd Charron (drums) and Derek Cole (bass guitar).

Where Are They From: Melbourne, Florida USA

The Discography So Far: Band Me, Twist Me, Fit Me (EP) 2023

For The Fans Of: Soundgarden, Guns N Roses, Aerosmith, 70s hard rock, New Wave Of Classic Rock

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