Black Stone Cherry Announces Eighth Studio Album “Screamin’ At The Sky” and Unveils New Track “Nervous”


American rock band Black Stone Cherry has announced the release of their eighth studio album, “Screamin’ At The Sky.” The album, which is set to drop on Friday, September 29, will be available in a variety of formats including White Solid Vinyl, Limited Edition Vinyl Boxset, CD and digital. Fans can pre-order the album on this link.

In conjunction with the album pre-orders going live, Black Stone Cherry has unveiled another new track from the album, “Nervous.” This is the second songs from this new release that we get a chance to hear as single after “Out Of Pocket”. The Kentucky-based Black Stone Cherry features Chris Robertson on lead vocals and guitar, Ben Wells on guitar and backing vocals, John-Fred Young on drums and backing vocals, and ‘new’ bassist Steve Jewell Jr.

Screamin’ At The Sky tracklisting:

“Out Of Pocket”
“Screamin’ At The Sky”
“When The Pain Comes”
“Show Me What It Feels Like”
“Smile, World”
“The Mess You Made”
“Who Are You Today?”
“Not Afraid”
“Here’s To The Hopeless”
“You Can Have It All”

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