Fan Poll: 10 Greatest Hardcore Superstar Songs

Welcome to first ever Junkyard fan poll! We asked you a simple task – to share your favorite Hardcore Superstar songs, and we were absolutely amazed by the overwhelming response we received. We want to express our sincere gratitude for making this fan poll so exciting and successful. Your participation has truly exceeded our expectations.

Hardcore Superstar is a Swedish sleaze metal band that originated in Gothenburg in 1997. Since their formation, they have released twelve albums, with their latest one coming out just last year. They have become known as one of the standout acts from the Scandinavian sleaze/glam scene that emerged in the 2000s. Today, they enjoy a legendary status as one of the best hard rock bands in this music genre, as they demonstrated at the recent MORC festival. Don’t just take our word for it; ask the fans who were fortunate enough to witness their show.

Given their prolific career, we wanted to tap into the wisdom of the fandom and ask for your help in determining the greatest Hardcore Superstar songs. The band has produced an extensive catalog of superb high class rock music, and we are excited to compile the results to celebrate their most beloved tracks.

This research was conducted across various platforms on the internet. We reached out to fans from the following places: our Facebook page, our Instagram, #HairMetal subreddit, Glam Metal Universe FB Group, Glam Rock City FB Group, Rock N Roll Geek Show FB Group and one and only official Hardcore Superstar Facebook Group.

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 favorite Hardcore Superstar songs, as chosen by their fans!

10.Guestlist (Split Your Lip 2010)

At number 10, we have a classic Hardcore Superstar tune called “Guestlist” from the 2010 album “Split Your Lip.” It is the second song from a very powerful album that many categorized as the best one back then. Jocke starts the song by saying, “You are not passing through, wel who the fuck are you,”, after a notorious Finnish intro, accompanied by Vic Zino’s riffs, which were slightly toned down compared to the metal riffage of the previous album but still very sleazy and hard rocking. Even though it’s recorder just in a week, this album solidified their sound for the years to come, and this anthemic song is the best proof of that.

9.Beg For It (Beg For It 2009)

The real 2009 album opener, “Beg For It,” showed us a renewed Hardcore Superstar with Vic Zino on guitars, replacing the departed Thomas Silver. As we already mentioned, this album leaned more towards metal while preserving the hooks and melodies of their previous work. The heaviness and slightly darker vibe are the most important ingredients of this song and the entire album. It served as a transition period for the band, but it didn’t prevent fans from having their favorite songs from this release, such as this heavy, melodic sleaze rocker.

8.Moonshine (Split Your Lip 2010)

Going back to the 2010 album again, we have a song called “Moonshine.” Don’t let Adde’s drums and Vic’s muted guitar fool you, because this song is one of the heaviest rockers on the release. It’s energetic, drop-tuned, and features Jocke’s unique dirty vocals performance. “Moonshine” remained one of the biggest hits from the album and is still frequently played live (according to, it’s the 7th most played Hardcore Superstar song). Oh yeah, there’s also a low, almost hidden solo after the second chorus, which has always been interesting and a bit intriguing.

7.You Can’t Kill My R’n’R (You Can’t Kill My R’n’R 2018)

Now it’s time to talk about modern times and the 2018 release that share the same title as the song at number 7 on this list. With much less sleaze metal and more of a classic rock vibe reminiscent of ZZ Top’s “Legs,” for example, this tune quickly became one of the staple songs in HC’s discography that both newer and older fans love. It’s an ode to good times and rock ‘n’ roll, so what’s not to like about it?

6.Silence For The Peacefully (Dreamin’ In A Casket 2007)

From “Dreamin’ In A Casket,” the last album with the original guitarist Thomas Silver, there’s an unexpected song that left us amazed when we saw its high ranking. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing bad about this one. We’re talking about the quintessential Hardcore Superstar tune, featuring Thomas Silver’s unique, chuggy, sleazy, modern Faster Pussycat-esque riffs, combined with Jocke’s screaming vocals that made us all fall in love with this band in the mid to late 2000s. This is where you, the fans, truly amazed us with your choice, and it’s proof of how much this band is appreciated. We can confidently say that this is certainly the most significant “deep-cut” on this list.

5.Electric Rider (You Can’t Kill My R’n’R 2018)

If you’ve ever asked yourself what the biggest hit from the 2018 album was, now you have final confirmation. The fans have declared it to be “Electric Rider.” This catchy, melodic rocker showcases the band’s ability to still produce great music even though they were on their eleventh album back in 2018. They stayed true to their core and invited new fans with a slightly elevated sound, and that’s why this tune is ranked so high. Check out Vic’s beautiful melodic solo in the middle part of the song.

4.Dreamin’ In A Casket (Dreamin’ In A Casket 2007)

Let’s go back to the 2007 album once again. You know, for some fans, this release seemed a bit more progressive compared to their previous works, and this particular song serves as good evidence of that. There’s a little more complexity in the riffing, but for the majority of fans, it certainly didn’t diminish the overall vibe of the sleazy, memorable, and energetic music that Hardcore Superstar was always known for. Thomas Silver delivered some seriously great guitar work on this song, as well as on the other tracks from the entire album. It’s another quintessential Hardcore Superstar song that fans really enjoy, and it definitely deserves a spot in the top 5 of all time.

3.Last Call For Alcohol (Split Your Lip 2010)

And now, we’ve reached the top 3! When the band starts playing this tune, you know it’s going to be a riot, and debauchery is on its way in the audience. The entire crowd sings and drinks along with the band throughout every moment of this song, which is why it truly deserves a place among the best Hardcore Superstar songs of all time. It’s very simple yet catchy, encompassing all the secret ingredients of Jocke, Vic, Adde, and Martin. It’s three and a half minutes of pure Hardcore madness that we all know and love!

2.Above The Law (C’mon Take on Me 2013)

The first song of the 2013 album “C’mon Take on Me” secures the second place on this ultimate fan favorite list. No, the entire album wasn’t bad at all, even though it had the daunting task of following the previous mega release. However, it succeeded in its own way, particularly with songs like this one. “Above The Law” quickly became a fan favorite and ranks among the top ten most played songs live, according to Setlist.Fm. There is no doubt that it deserves such a high ranking on the list.

1.We Don’t Celebrate Sundays (Hardcore Superstar 2005)

And here it is, boys and girls. The ultimate greatest Hardcore Superstar song, according to fans all over the world, is “Sundays”! I suppose we all expected that, right? It’s the only song from the 2005 “Black Album” to make it into the top 10, and it definitely deserves the title of the best HC song of all time. It has always been a mega hit. This song has everything you need for the ultimate hit song: a catchy melody, unforgettable choruses that stay in your ears forever, extravagant musicianship, sing-along moments, gang vocals… everything.

However, if we look back at the history, things weren’t so great for HC in the mid-2000s. Despite having four albums under their belt, they hadn’t yet established themselves as a formidable force in the New Wave of Swedish Sleaze/Glam Metal scene. As Jocke once said, they were forced by the record label to be the new The Hives, but that was never what they wanted nor enjoyed. It seems that all the negative energy they experienced during that time (although they still produced some good songs in that first alternate period) was unleashed on this legendary 2005 release, and “Sundays” is a perfect example of that. From that day on, they cemented their status as the kings of the new generation of sleaze metal. From then until today, this song has always been the greatest of all Hardcore Superstar songs. Period.

So, that was it—the top ten greatest Hardcore Superstar songs, according to their fans. But that’s not all! Stick with us for more interesting facts about this fan poll research because we have more in store for you.

“Party ain’t over ’till we say so” – right!

Here are some other interesting facts from this fan poll research:

  • An astonishing total of 88 songs were mentioned in this poll, which is approximately 66% of all songs from the Hardcore Superstars albums
  • The album with the most songs mentioned in this poll was Hardcore Superstar’s 2005 release, with a total of 11 out of 13 songs being mentioned.
  • The album with the least songs mentioned in this poll was Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves) from 2001, with only 3 out of 13 songs being mentioned.
  • Two songs from the 2011 compilation “The Party Ain’t Over…” were also mentioned: “We Don’t Need A Cure” and “Bastards” (a single released in 2007).
  • Song “Things On Fire” from the 2002 Mother’s Love/Significant Other EP is also mentioned in this poll

And finally, let’s do one more interesting thing. If we rank all Hardcore Superstar albums based on the number of points received from this poll (where each vote gives 1 point), here is the unofficial album ranking based on that.

  1. Hardcore Superstar (2005)
  2. Split Your Lip (2010)
  3. You Can’t Kill My RnR (2018)
  4. Dreamin’ In A Casket (2007)
  5. Beg For It (2009)
  6. C’mon Take On Me (2013)
  7. Abrakadabra
  8. Only RnR (1998) and Pina Colada (2000) together
  9. HCSS (2015)
  10. Thank You (2001)
  11. No Regrets (2003

For you who stayed so long with us here is the rest of the song ranking list! Bare in mind that a lot of songs got the same number of points and that’s why they share the same ranking spot.

11.My Good Reputation, Shades Of Grey

13.Medicate Me, Into Debauchery,  Someone Special, Weep When You Die, Wild Boys

18.Have Mercy On Me, Standing On The Verge, Dear Old Fame, Have You Been Around,  Shame, Here Comes That Sick Bitch

24.Touch The Sky, Long Time No See, Honey Tongue, Kick On the Upperclass, She’s Offbeat

29.Sadistic Girls, Run To Your Mama, One More Minute, Bring The House Down, Abrakadabra, Forever And A Day, Wake Up Dead In A Garbage Can

36.This Is For The Mentally Damaged, No Resistance,Nervous Breakdown, Illegal Fun, Hateful, Bag On Your Head, GTO, Hope For A Normal Life

44.Take Em All Out, Innocent Boys, Split Your Lip, We Don’t Need A Cure, Bastards, Don’t Mean Shit, Off With Their Heads, AD/HD, My Sanctuary, Goodbye, The Others, Catch Me If you Can, Dreams In Red, Fighter

58.Throw A Brick, Influencer, Baboon, Never Cared For Snobbery, Glue, Too Much Business, Dead Man’s Shoes, Won’t Take The Blame, Stranger Of Mine, What Did I Do, Spit It Out, Don’t Care About Your Bad Behaviour, Sensitive To The Light, Sophisticated Ladies, Need No Company, Simple Man, Cry Your Eyes Out, You Know Where We All Belong, Can’t Change, The Last Great Day, Bring Me Back, Still I Am Glad, Soul Of Sweetness, No Regrets, Things On Fire, Significant Other, Liberation, Punk Rock Song, Rock N Roll Star, Send Myself To Hell, The Ocean

That’s it. For real now. Once again THANK YOU ALL for participating and hanging out! Let’s us know how did you like this Fan Poll and what band should we research next!

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