Vandenberg Unleashes New Single ‘Sin’ from Upcoming Album


Vandenberg has released their second single from their upcoming album ‘Sin’, which will be available on August 25th this year. The song is titled ‘Sin’, and it has been released as a lyric video.

Adrian Vandenberg, leader of the group stated: “Sin. Just a tiny, three letter word but one with a very comprehensive meaning. Everything in between a little white lie and a murder. So, it deserves a powerful, heavy, epic song to do it justice.”

As we mentioned, this is the second song from the upcoming album, which follows the previous track “House On Fire”. The band has also unveiled the album cover and the song list for the release.

As you all know Adrian Vandenberg gained fame playing with Whitesnake in the late 80s and during the 90s. If you want, you can check out our Ultimate Guide List to every Whitesnake axe-man, and find more about the Adrian.


“Thunder And Lightning”
“House On Fire”
“Light It Up”
“Walking On Water”
“Burning Skies”
“Hit The Ground Running”
“Baby You’ve Changed”
“Out Of The Shadows”

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