Dirty Honey Can’t Find the Breaks With Explosive New Single


The electrifying young Los Angeles rockers Dirty Honey, literally can’t find the breaks of taking the world ablaze. With their latest single, “Won’t Take Me Alive,” already making waves by securing a spot in the Top 20 at U.S. rock radio, anticipation is building for their forthcoming album titled “Can’t Find The Brakes,” scheduled to drop on November 3. The band’s unstoppable momentum is undeniable, having recently concluded not one but two sold-out headline tours across the UK and Europe in 2023.

The album’s title track, “Can’t Find The Brakes,” along with the anthemic hit “Won’t Take Me Alive,” are both available for eager fans who can’t wait to dive into Dirty Honey’s latest sonic offerings.

The band also revealed the official album cover that has an interesting back story:

The album cover art for “Can’t Find The Brakes” holds a distinct creative lineage, having been hand-painted by the internationally acclaimed graffiti artist Kelly “RISK” Gravel, an icon entrenched in Los Angeles’ art scene for over three decades. Pioneering artistic movements such as painting freight trains, freeway overpasses, and signs on the West Coast, RISK is a trailblazer who holds the honor of being the first artist in 400 years to paint within Michelangelo’s studio. RISK’s unparalleled artistic journey finds resonance with Dirty Honey’s music, which he described as an invigorating rock vibe akin to “organized chaos.” Through his artwork, RISK encapsulates this spirit, crafting an album cover that stands as a visual testament to the band’s dynamic energy and captivating sound.

As we discussed earlier, Dirty Honey unquestionably deserves a spot on the list of “must-see” hot, young American rock bands. Having had the privilege of watching them live this summer at Bergenfest, Norway, our conviction in their musical prowess has only grown stronger. Now, as they gear up to release their second album, the time has come to dive headfirst into their sound if you haven’t already. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the electrifying essence of Dirty Honey – a band that is undoubtedly on the rise.

Can’t Find The Breaks Tracklisting:

“Don’t Put Out The Fire”
“Won’t Take Me Alive”
“Dirty Mind”
“Get A Little High”
“Coming Home (Ballad Of The Shire)”
“Can’t Find The Brakes”
“Ride On”
“You Make It All Right”
“Rebel Son”

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