Mammoth WVH – Mamooth II (2023) Is It Any Good?

Wolfgang Van Halen, also known as Mammoth WVH, released his second album, titled “Mammoth II,” on Friday, August 4th, two years after the release of his debut album.

Utilizing the well-established scoring system created by the one and only Michael Butler, we obtained the following results.

1.Right? 0/5

2.LIke A Pastime 1

3.Another Celebration at the End of the World 1

4.Miles Above Me 1

5.Take A Bow 0/5

6.Optimist 0

7.I’m Alright 0/5

8.Erase Me 0/5

9.Waiting 0

10.Better Than You 0/5

Ratings: 5.5/10

Once again, Wolfgang Van Halen has proven that he is a very talented musician with this new album release. He is an exceptional guitar player and a phenomenal singer with great writing skills. This album is full of riffs and solos that literally run through his veins. So, why the lower ratings, some might ask? It is simple.

The thing is we are reviewing albums here, not someone’s skills. Wolfgang certainly has a great arsenal of skills, but this album simply doesn’t have enough good songs. That is what is missing. Most of the songs sound generic and somehow incomplete. If there were more songs like “Miles Above Me,” “Another Celebration of The End of the World,” or “Like A Pastime,” this album would be much better.

There is something missing in the rest of the songs, and it’s possibly due to the fact that it’s Wolfgang who wrote all the music and recorded every single instrument on this record. With the skills he has and the good ideas, adding some other people’s influence might bring those songs to the level of greatness. So, in conclusion, there is nothing wrong with this album, just maybe next time, Wolfie should consider working with other musicians. That way the ideas he undoubtedly possesses would develop into something really extraordinary.

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