Nirvana Released… NO! Record Company Released Visualizer For Remastered Version of “Dumb”


Yes, that’s exactly how this headline article should look.

The record company that owns Nirvana’s material released a remastered visualizer for the song ‘Dumb’ from the band’s third album, ‘In Utero,’ which came out in 1993. For the 30th anniversary, the record company decided to release a box set that will include many interesting items for fans and collectors. New quasi-psychedelic visualizer for “Dumb” directed and created by RuffMercy from hand-painted Super 8mm film performed by Nirvana.

Previously, the record company that owns Nirvana’s catalog released two live recordings, including ‘Pennyroyal Tea’ (Live in Los Angeles) and ‘Scentless Apprentice’ (Live in Seattle).”

We actually didn’t even want to report on this news, but we simply needed to make a point here. There is no Nirvana, and we’ve all known it for 30 years now. So why does everybody write these articles starting with ‘Nirvana released,’ as if the band is still alive and present? Can we, for once, just speak the truth and not try to grab attention at any cost? Enough is enough. Therefore, being a Nirvana fan or not, it doesn’t matter because this is not about Nirvana, it is about what has become of modern journalism.

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