Junkyard New Rock HITS – November 2023

Since we’re currently not producing a podcast (although we hope this will change in the future), we’ve decided to introduce another way to share insights into what’s currently spinning on our playlist and what is hot and fresh in the world of rock and metal music.

Think of it as the Junkyard Top List featuring the best new tunes right now, which you can always find on our official Spotify playlist. Stay tuned for updates!

Here is our Top 5 picks for the end of November 2023!

5.Temple Balls – Strike Like A Cobra

Finnish rockers Temple Balls released their fourth album, called ‘Avalanche,’ at the beginning of the month, even though ‘Strike Like A Cobra’ was released as a single a year ago. If Guns N’ Roses could wait a year for their debut album to pick up the pace, why not give the same chance to this hard-rocking quintet from the North of Europe? If you’re into big riffs, grandiose choruses, and fiery guitars, then ‘Strike Like A Cobra’ is a great way to start exploring this band.

Temple Balls @ Facebook Instagram

4.Jeris Johnson – When The Darkness Comes

Jeris Johnson is a ‘new’ figure on the rock scene who gained prominence largely through TikTok videos covering bands like Three Days Grace and Nickelback. He has proclaimed a mission to ‘make rock great again.’ As a talented multi-instrumentalist, it seems he is on a good path to achieve this, judging by his brand new single, ‘When The Darkness Comes.

Jeris Johnson @ Instagram Tik Tok

3.Crossbone Skully – I’am Unbreakable

Tommy Henriksen may not be the most well-known guitarist in the rock music world, despite playing with Alice Cooper and Hollywood Vampires, among others. However, he is one of the most talented songwriters in the business, having worked with lots of great and legendary artists. He has assembled a great team of young and talented musicians for his new project, Crossbone Skully, including Sam Bam Koltun and Ana Cara. The first few songs suggest that this release is something we can truly look forward to in 2024. The album will feature lots of guest appearances, including Phil Collen and Nikki Sixx. Mark your calendar for this infectious anthem, ‘I Am Unbreakable.

Crossbone Skully @ Facebook Instagram Tik Tok

2.DIAMANTE – 1987

Diamante Azzura Bovell, widely known simply as DIAMANTE, is an American singer who became popular in mainstream rock waters during the last several years. She has released two albums in her career so far: ‘Coming In Hot’ (2018) and ‘American Dream’ (2021). If you haven’t heard about this hard rock queen, now is the best time because she and her band have unleashed a brand new single, ‘1987,’ from the upcoming album. This pop-rocking cyberpunk retro tune is what we call a pure 100% HIT SINGLE! It truly takes you back to 1987 when you watch and listen to it.

DIAMANTE @ Facebook Instagram Tik Tok

1.Starbenders – The Game

To conclude our list, we have glam goth rockers Starbenders who recently released their third album, ‘Take Back The Night.’ Fronted by Kimi Shelter, a love child of Johnny Thunders and Joan Jett, they are simply one of the most attractive rock outfits right now in the USA and worldwide. For this occasion, we chose a single and album opener called ‘The Game.’ Just listen to this visceral, dark, glam, goth rock tune! This is a mega hit! Starbenders is the future of rock music for sure! They are kind of like Maneskin, but far better!

Starbenders @ Facebook Instagram Tik Tok

You can always check out what is fresh in our world of new rock music by visiting our official Spotify playlist.

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