The Unexpected Alliance: How Mötley Crüe Catapulted Type O Negative to Fame

Type O Negative’s “Bloody Kisses” stands as the quintessential goth metal record for many fans, often hailed as one of the most significant metal albums of the ’90s. Released in 1993, the album’s distinctive blend of doom metal, goth rock, noise, and raw vulnerability redefined heavy music, offering a stark departure from the inflated glam metal scene of the ’80s. However, what may come as a surprise to some fans is the role played by the ultimate hair metal band, Mötley Crüe, in the success of “Bloody Kisses.”

In an exclusive video interview with Matt Montgomery from Gibson’s Metal And Monsters, Type O Negative’s guitarist Kenny Hickey discussed the significance and legacy of ‘Bloody Kisses.’ The conversation eventually turned to the pivotal tours associated with the album, revealing that the first significant one, which proved to be a game-changer, was opening for Mötley Crüe. A few months ago, the former drummer of Type O Negative, Johnny Kelly, also shared this story in an interview for the Talk Toomey podcast.

Remarkably, Nikki Sixx and his bandmates were fervent admirers of “Bloody Kisses” and expressed a desire for Type O Negative to join them on tour. However, the band faced resistance from their own management and booking agents, who failed to see the appeal. Despite the skepticism surrounding the decision, Mötley Crüe persisted, insisting, “We like the band. We want the band.” With the encouragement of their manager at the time, Ken Kriete, Type O Negative embarked on the tour, initially hesitant about the potential backlash but ultimately realizing it marked the beginning of a turning point.

“The record was out for a year before anyone took notice,” recalls Kenny. However, touring with Mötley Crüe proved to be a catalyst, propelling “Bloody Kisses” from relative obscurity to selling 2,000 copies a week. This unexpected alliance with the hair metal icons not only showcased the diverse appeal of Type O Negative’s music but also played a pivotal role in elevating the album to the status of a genre-defining classic.

Bloody Kisses was released in August 1993 and was the third album by the New York goth rockers. Motley Crue, on the other hand, released their self-titled album in March 1994, after which they went on tour with Type O Negative as the opening act.”

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