Budderside “Good For Nothing” – New Song, Video and more

L.A. rockers Budderside released a brand new song this Friday titled “Good For Nothing.” This is the seventh new song that the band has released, starting from September 2021, when they announced that all of these singles will eventually form an album—the third in their respective discography. As per usual, this new single is accompanied by a fantastic video that also debuted on YouTube on this day.

My two cents

The song itself takes us back to the fast and furious riffage present on the first two albums “Budderside (2016)” and “Spiritual Violence (2021)”, while still retaining the modern approach the band initiated at the beginning of this cycle. It’s actually a great mix of both.

The video for the song ‘Good For Nothing’ is cinematic, interesting, and really fun. Budderside has become famous for their set of highly produced videos. It’s definitely worth a watch. If you don’t believe, than go and watch some of their videos.

In the end, there is nothing better than seeing one of your favorite bands releasing new music. Although the guys from Budderside are committed to some other bands and projects, I would really like to see them more in action in the future. They have something special, and despite all the difficulties of being a new or newer rock artist these days, they should be rocking out full speed ahead. As a matter of fact, just like in the “Good For Nothing” video!


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