Riley’s L.A. Guns “The Dark Horse” – New Album and Time To End The Drama?

Riley’s L.A. Guns released their new album “The Dark Horse” on January 22nd this year via Golden Robot Records on the day that would have been the 68th birthday of their drummer and leader Steve Riley who sadly passed away on October 24, 2023. You can find and listen to the album on the usual places.

Anyway, here are some thoughts about the whole situation. Despite the fact that Steve Riley’s death was a huge loss, not only for his family but also for the fans who were dreaming of the reunification of the real L.A. Guns band with Steve Riley playing alongside Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis again. These are the fans who were probably sick and tired of all the drama that this division and feud brought for years and years. Better say decades…

As this reunion is not going to happen, unfortunately, maybe now is the time to, once and for all, quit with this two L.A. Guns situation. This album was in the works, so it was expected to come out at some point, and the rest of the guys in this version of the band—Kelly Nickels, Scott Griffin, and Kurt Frolich—are currently on tour, which was also agreed upon before Riley’s death. Since this is actually a business, they should complete their tasks and do what is expected of them.

But after that, as a fan, and hopefully, other fans, there is only one wish and only one logical and fair step for them left: they should really consider putting this thing to rest. What is the point of continuing with this after Riley’s death?

This is the moment to say, “Okay, from now on, there is going to be only one L.A. Guns—Tracii’s and Phil’s.” Nobody needs more albums from this version of the band being uploaded on the same streaming platform profiles as the other version’s. Nobody needs this EPKs where Riley’s L.A. Guns history starts in 1987( find one and read it, it is rifoculous), etc. It is just confusing and it never did anything good for this band as a whole and for their legacy. Nor for the separate groups…

However, it was what it was, we can’t erase the past, but now it is time to end it, in the memory of the great Steve Riley, if nothing else. Let this be a testament to his passion and love for rock and roll, and end it, right now! For him, for yourselves and for the fans!

Do you agree?

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