Skid Row 1989 Album 35th Anniversary Celebration – Facts Video

Skid Row’s self-titled debut album celebrates its 35th anniversary today. Launched on January 24, 1989, via Atlantic Records, the album marked a significant milestone in the careers of vocalist Sebastian Bach, guitarists Dave “The Snake” Sabo and Scotti Hill, bassist Rachel Bolan, and drummer Rob Affuso. Three decades later, the self-titled album continues to resonate with fans, and its enduring appeal is reflected in the impressive certifications of 3x Platinum in Canada and 5x Platinum in the United States.

In celebration of this remarkable anniversary, Skid Row has treated fans to a special “Facts Video,” offering a nostalgic journey into the making of the iconic album. As fans reflect on the past 35 years, Skid Row’s debut remains not only a testament to the band’s talent but also a symbol of the era’s vibrant and influential rock music scene.