Crazy Lixx Release ‘Two Shots Of Glory’ Compilation: A Strategic Masterstroke

Crazy Lixx has just unleashed their latest compilation, “Two Shots Of Glory,” comprising 12 remastered and revamped tracks from their extensive catalog. Despite my usual indifference towards compilations, this release by Crazy Lixx stands out as a brilliant move in today’s streaming-dominated music landscape.

Coming three years after their last full-length album, “Street Lethal”, this compilation allows Crazy Lixx to stay on the algorithms and to have enough time, without hurry, to produce songs for the next album release. On the other hand, what sets this compilation apart is the selection of songs for revamping and re-release. Unlike typical compilations that feature the band’s chart-toppers, Crazy Lixx opted for lesser-known gems, deep cuts if you want.

For die-hard fans, these tracks may not be entirely new, but for the more casual listener, they feel like undiscovered treasures waiting to be unearthed. Recent announcements from Crazy Lixx reveal impressive streaming numbers on platforms like Spotify and YouTube, validating the success of their singles and underscoring the shrewdness of their compilation strategy.

With each track flawlessly remastered, “Two Shots Of Glory” showcases Crazy Lixx at their best, reaffirming their status as masters of their craft.

That proves my point, and again, this was a very smart move.

If you are a fan of such a compilations, and you want to grab your copy of CD or vinyl, you can check the availability here on this link, or find it on your favorite streaming platforms.

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