Cruz “Angel Dust” – New Single and Video

Swedish rock band Cruzh has recently unveiled their latest single, “Angel Dust,” giving fans a taste of what’s to come from their highly anticipated album, “The Jungle Revolution.” This is the second song from the aforementioned release that we had a chance to hear after the single “FL89.” The album is going to be available on March 22nd under the Frontiers music label.

With “The Jungle Revolution”, Cruzh is going back to find the pureness of the wild, their inner animals, the attitude of rock n roll. With full force and some added power in the line-up, Alex, Butabi, Anton and Silver are joined by guitar slinger Johan Öberg. With two guitar players, the band has drifted towards a tougher more riff-driven direction without losing their love for big choruses with insanely catchy hooks.
Hailing from Sweden, Cruzh was conceived when former TrashQueen members Anton Joensson and Dennis Butabi Borg united with Tony Andersson, known for his work on an unreleased TrashQueen record. Cruzh made waves in March 2013 with their online debut, sparking intrigue with the unveiling of “In a Blink of an Eye.” The subsequent release of “Stay” and cryptic social media clues further fueled speculation. The fall of 2013 marked their unmasking, coinciding with the acclaimed “Hard To Get” EP. Cruzh’s journey reached new heights in 2015 when Frontiers Music Srl embraced them.
Fast forward to 2024, Cruzh anticipates the release of “The Jungle Revolution,” an eagerly awaited album set to redefine their musical narrative and captivate audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for Cruzh’s next chapter as they continue pushing the boundaries of rock music.
With all five band members operating as songwriters, the band is hungry and eager to spread “The Jungle Revolution” on the road.
“The Jungle Revolution” tracklisting:
1. The Jungle Revolution
2. Angel Dust
3. FL89
4. Killing In The Name Of Love
5. SkullCruzher
6. At The Radio Station
7. Split Personality
8. Sold Your Soul
9. From Above
10. Winner
11. Gimme Anarchy
Alex Waghorn – lead vocals
Anton Joensson – guitar, background vocals
Dennis Butabi Borg – bass, background vocals
Johan Öberg – guitar
Matt Silver – drums, background vocals

You can pre-order your CD copy of Cruzh’s new album here

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