Pearl Jam “Dark Matter” – New Single: Teased On Wikipedia, New Music Direction?

Pearl Jam released a brand new single today, February 13th, titled “Dark Matter.” This marks the debut track from their upcoming 12th album, which shares the same name. The band teased this release on their social media platforms by compiling posts from enthusiastic fans, alongside a 30-second sample of the song available on their Wikipedia page. It’s a unique approach, but then again, that’s just quintessential Pearl Jam.

Speaking of the song itself, it’s noticeably heavier compared to tracks from their latest album, Gigaton. It exudes a raw, energetic, and melodic vibe akin to their previous work. Can we attribute this shift to the producer, Andrew Watt? Perhaps. His impressive track record includes collaborations with iconic acts like The Rolling Stones,Iggy Pop and Ozzy Osbourne.

Even the members of Pearl Jam themselves acknowledge that this album will lean towards a heavier sound. Finally! If the rest of the songs follow this direction, or at least the majority of them do, faith in this band that may have been lost will undoubtedly be reignited. For some of us…

The album is out in April 2024.

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