Okay, so what’s the deal with Junkyard Club?

It’s something new that I want to try here on the website. Everyday I receive a lot of emails from various labels and since I never agreed to be on their mailing lists, they are bombarding me with an enormous amount of emails featuring bands that have nothing to do with the style and the vibe of Junkyard Rock Stories. You just can’t expect me to cover a brutal death metal band all of a sudden; it doesn’t go that way.

On the other hand, we are living in a time where there is an enormous supply of new music and bands every day. The problem is, I can’t discover and cover them all. So, I am thinking of starting this thing called Junkyard Club where you guys can send me your stuff, which I can feature on the website. To do that, you need to feel out the form and answer following questions:

For the fans of (what do you sound like)? (several sentences)

Who is in the band?

Where are you from?

The story so far? (sveral sentences, paragraph)


Where to find you (social media links) ?

I might give a comment here and there (reaction style) so be careful what you send.

But there are some rules that need to be followed. Scroll a bit through the website to see what kind of music is most covered here. If you send me stuff that is way out of this vibe and style, I am not going to consider it. The things we like here are sleaze, glam, hard rock, melodic, punk rock, grunge rock and anything in between. You also need to be a proper band, so no demo bands. Having an official release is a requirement, and it’s desirable to have a video so people can see you. I don’t promise anything in advance, but let’s try it.

Send your stuff here – junkkysixx@gmail.com with “Junkyard Club” plus band name as subject.

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