Dirtbag Republic “I Don’t Care” – New Song

So, we were tagged in a Facebook post earlier today that said Dirtbag Republic has released a new video for “I Don’t Care.” As usual, we weren’t lazy and we checked the post out to see what the hell is this. Hey, it’s some band telling us they have a new song and video. As we were not aware of how this band sound like, we gave it a shot. Bam! Sold! They play dirty loud rock n roll, so, that’s more than enough for us!

Dirtbag Republic is a Canadian rock band known for their energetic and raw music style. Their sound is a blend of punk-rock, glam rock, rock & roll, and glam-punk, drawing influence from bands like Hanoi Rocks, The Ramones, Cheap Trick, and Rolling Stones. The band’s vocals are described as raw, while their instrumentation is full and rich, creating catchy and memorable songs that are sometimes singalongablw. Their music is characterized by high-energy, chirpy-sounding hard rock, featuring guitar solos and group vocals in abundance.

The band has released several albums. Their discography includes self-titled albums like “Dirtbag Republic” (2015) and “Downtown Eastside” (2017). Additionally, they have released the album “Tear Down Your Idols,” (2021) which is so far their latest release.

Everything about the Dirtbag Republic find here – Dirtbag Republic linktree.

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