Nestor “Victorious” – New Single and Album Announcement

Swedish rockers Nestor are gearing up for the release of their latest album, “Teenage Rebel,” which will be available on May 31st through Napalm Records. Drawing inspiration from iconic 80s rock bands like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Journey, and Foreigner, Nestor brings back the golden age of rock music with their electrifying sound.

Their new single, “Victorious,” is a powerful anthem about resilience and following your heart, accompanied by a high-quality music video that adds to the nostalgic vibe. Nestor’s energetic live performances and millions of streams on Spotify have already cemented them as one of the hottest newcomers in modern rock music, and their latest release promises to keep fans rocking out for years to come.

Teenage Rebel tracklist:

“The Law Of Jante” (featuring Freya Miller)
“We Come Alive”
“Teenage Rebel”
“Last To Know”
“The One That Got Away”
“Addicted To Your Love”
“Unchain My Heart”

The Band

Jonny Wemmenstedt – guitar
Mattias Carlsson – drums
Tobias Gustavsson – vocals
Marcus Åblad – bass
Martin Frejinger – keyboards


Nestor is a Swedish rock band that originated in 1989 in Falköping, Sweden, formed by childhood friends Tobias Gustavsson, Jonny Wemmenstedt, Mattias Carlsson, Marcus Åblad, and Martin Frejinger. The band released a couple of EPs in the ’90s before going on a long pause around 1995. Despite not officially splitting up, they remained friends and continued their musical pursuits individually. In 2021, after over three decades, Nestor reunited and released their debut album “Kids In A Ghost Town,” which received significant acclaim. The album showcases a blend of ’80s hard rock influences and features tracks like “On The Run,” “Stone Cold Eyes,” and “Tomorrow” featuring Samantha Fox. Nestor’s music is characterized by strong vocals, shredding guitar solos, and melodic rock elements, earning them high praise and a dedicated fan base

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