The Gems “Queens” – New Video

Former Thundermother members, Guernica Mancini, Emlee Johansson, and Mona Lindgren, now known as The Gems, have dropped their latest single “Queens” from their debut album “Phoenix”. The energetic track, accompanied by a visually striking video, showcases their rock prowess and empowering message. Since its release on January 26, 2024, “Phoenix” has been making waves on the scene as arguably one of the best albums of the genre this year so far.

“Queens is our tribute to all the strong individuals who have paved the way for us all. We want to remind people about the tough roads they had to walk on, for us to have the possibilities that we have today. As well as acknowledging that the work is far from done and that we aim to carry on in their footsteps.”


01. Aurora – Interlude
02. Queens
03. Send Me To The Wolves
04. Domino
05. Silver Tongue
06. Undiscovered Paths
07. Maria’s Song – Interlude
08. Ease Your Pain
09. Running
10. Renaissance – Interlude
11. Like A Phoenix
12. P.S.Y.C.H.O
13. Kiss It Goodbye
14. Force of Nature
15. Fruits of My Labor
16. Like A Phoenix (Acoustic)

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