Glitter Litter – Reviving Bubblegam/Glampunk With New Single “Invisible Girl Power”

After exchanging some likes and shares on Twitter/X (yes, Junkyard is on that platform) about the article we wrote on the 90s Hollywood Glampunk music scene, we came to the realization that bands like these still exist today. So, if you think Bubbleglam is dead and buried in the grounds of the once-famous Coconut Teaszer, you’re wrong! Here comes Glitter Litter!

Glitter litter is a Swedish glampunk band, which sound can be described as a cross between Ramones and Bay City rollers with a touch of the bubbleglam, that we mentioned before. Right now they released a second single called “Invisible Girl Power” from the upcoming album “Shocks for sleeping beauties”. Before that Glitter Litter released single “The 51st Time”. The new song “Invisible Girl Power” is about being beaten down, rising back up again, kicking ass.

So, if you’re into the good old-school bubbleglam glampunk in the vein of Heart Throb Mob, Quenny Blast Pop, and Peppermint Creeps, then this is definitely for you. There’s also a bit of indie/DIY and alt dark-rock influence in Glitter Litter’s music, which adds a special flavor to it. Check it out!

Visit the Glitter Litter official website!

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