Motley Crue ” Dogs Of War”- Numbers, Facts and AI

Motley Crue released a new song, “Dogs Of War,” this Friday, April 26th. You all saw the announcement a few days ago, you all know, and you all heard the song. The song comes from the album that is possibly going to be released this fall. So with formalities out of the way, let’s talk about “Dogs Of War” in terms of trivia and numbers.

First song without Mick Mars?

Dogs of War” is the first song in the Motley Crue catalog that does not feature Mick Mars. He and the rest of the band parted ways in 2022, or he was fired, if you prefer that wording. However, this is only the official side of things. If you’re a Motley Crue fan, you’re probably aware of the rumors that Mick Mars didn’t play on the band’s 2008 album, “Saints Of Los Angeles,” and that DJ Ashba did. Even though this was never officially confirmed, all we know is that DJ Ashba did play guitars on that record. However, how much of it he played in total, and which songs Mick did or did not play on, remains unclear to this day.

Not the first one with John 5?

If Mick Mars didn’t play on “Dogs of War,” then John 5 surely did. However, this isn’t his first song with Motley Crue. Before he became a permanent member, back in 2019, the band released a soundtrack for their movie “The Dirt,” which included four new songs (three originals and one cover) that John 5 played on or participated in creating. The songs are “The Dirt (Est. 1981),” “Ride With The Devil,” and “Crash and Burn.

The numbers?

Dogs of War came out:

  • 1862 days, or 5 years one month and 4 days after “The Dirt Soundtrack” which contained new original music (22nd of March 2019 release date)
  • 3039 days, or 8 years 3 months and 26 days since their “last ever live concert” at Staples Center in Los Angeles (31st of December 2015)
  • 3384 days, or 9 years 3 months and 6 days since the release of the standalone single “All Bad Things” (20th of January 2015)
  • 3741 days, or 10 years 2 months and 29 days since the signing of the “we are never going to play live again agreement” (28th of January 2014)
  • 4301 days, or 11 years 9 months and 9 days since the release of another standalone single “Sex” (20th of July 2012)
  • 5274 days, or 14 yeas 5 months and 9 days since the release of “Greatest Hits” 2009 Compilation (17th of November 2009)
  • 5539 days, or 15 years 2 months and 1 day since the release of “White Thrash Circus” which was the last ever released single from their last ever album “Saints of Los Angeles” (25th of February 2009)
  • 5785 days, or 15 years 10 months and 2 days since the release of the last complete studio album “Saints of Los Angeles” (24th of June 2008)
  • 5859 days, or 16 years and 15 days since the release of the first single from the same album “Saints of Los Angeles” (11th of April 2008)

Is it really AI?

Oh yeah. The rumors started spreading that this song, and the whole album might be completely AI-made. This, of course, originated from The Metal Den website, the place where these things, regarding Mötley Crüe rumors, usually always start. Sometimes I think it’s really Nikki Sixx behind this website, spreading drama and venom just on purpose. Who knows.

So is it AI or not? Well, I can’t know that for sure. Nobody can. Ever since AI became a thing, especially in music, we need to be very careful about it. I already had my first doubts about AI usage last year on an album of one big rock band (the biggest one), but normally I didn’t have any proof to confirm it. Just a feeling.

And about this one, you know, firstly if they can’t perform on their instruments, there are always other people in the studio who can do it. And speaking about the vocals, autotune was invented long before AI. So it could be, but it doesn’t really matter. The song itself is okay, nothing really ground-breaking. It’s nice to have something new from them, and let’s wait for the rest of the album to see where this is going.

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