Suicide Bombers Track-by-Track “All For The Candy” – Dynamite Playboys (Part 2)

SUiCiDE BOMBERS are thrilled to present a track-by-track run-through of their latest record, ALL FOR THE CANDY, here at Junkyard Stories. This 12-part series will present one song every week, written by members of the band.

In this week’s installment of the series, SUiCIDE BOMBERS are presenting us with the second track from the album, which is, of course, the first full song on this release. It’s a great opening tune, as we like to call it, “a great album opener,” which, together with the Intro, sets the stage perfectly for the whole album.


Chris: I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could write our fastest song yet and still make it a single. We already had 10 songs written, which we were rehearsing for the album – all great songs – but I wasn’t feeling them together as an album, so I told the guys I had three nearly finished songs at home we could use instead of three of the ones we were rehearsing, if they’d let me have time to finish them.

This was one of those songs. Writing-wise it was one of these tunes with a lot of “loose parts,” that are frequently very hard to put together. It might seem like a luxury problem, but it’s often hard to pin it down when everything is changeable and floating around. Kind a like building a house when the foundation keeps changing all the time. I think I landed the verse first and the chorus quickly thereafter. The pre chorus was just ad-libbed for the demo and somehow stayed, and the last 2 parts I wrote was the part after the second chorus, as I wanted the high guitar riff to stretch over some longer chords too, and the riff that splits the middle eight and the guitar solo; the song needed a change of key there. The very last piece of the puzzle was the title.

The lyrics were a lot of fun, especially the verses, which are all about putting famous people in settings that are a tad out of character for them. A good visual where it’s easy to see the band there as well. Pre chorus gives a nod to 50’s Rock’n’Roll and also includes some wordplay.

I’m really happy with this tune. It starts the album and also the live shows and is a fun song to play..

Stevie: As for the guitar solo, I always aim for something that’s a pretty good amount of flashiness, and very melodic. Since this is our fastest song yet, I wanted to start it pretty “aggressive” in a sense, but melodic and build tension. As it builds up to those last runs and that last bend, it just flowed so naturally when I recorded it! It’s definitely one of my solos that I’m  truly happy with. And I always love to play this one live!

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Stay tuned for the next part of the series!

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