Suicide Bombers Track-by-Track “All For The Candy” – iNTRO (Part 1)

SUiCiDE BOMBERS are thrilled to present a track-by-track run-through of their latest record, ALL FOR THE CANDY, here at Junkyard Rock Stories. This 12-part series will present one song every week, written by members of the band. 

But before we start with this unique series that will go on for the next 12 weeks, we need to talk a bit about Suicide Bombers.

Suicide Bombers is a hard rock band from Oslo, Norway that has been gaining popularity in the local music scene. The four-piece band is known for their sleazy and energetic rock sound, delivering a “total rock’n’roll package”!

In 2024, the band released their fifth studio album titled “All For The Candy”, which has been well-received by critics. The album is described as having “fat riffs, memorable choruses, incredible solos, and a great driving rhythm section. But this is not your everyday Sunset Strip kind of sleaze, you know. They always had something else in their music and style. A drop of that Scandinavian grit of Turbonegro and the roughness of, let’s say, The Almighty, covered with dirt. In the case of this new album, we might even consider it: the dirty candy sleaze! Just look at that cover!

The band is currently on tour promoting this new release.

And for this occasion, we teamed up with Chris Damien Doll (vocals), Stevie Teaze (guitar), C. Slim (Bass) and Lyle Starr (Drums), to present you you “All For The Candy” album in details.

iNTRO: Candy Girls Worldwide

Chris: Keeping in line with the new color scheme for artwork and different set up for the cover photo, we figured we’d do something other than a movie trailer band introduction this time. So, to get that sweet candy-feel, we got girls from all over the world to say the album title in their native tongues. They all did great and it works really well with the feel of the album. It’s also a big “cheers” to all our fans around the world, and highlights that international community of people with impeccable taste in rock’n’roll. 

The voiceovers are done over a re-enactment of the symphony that ends the last track of the record, so it brings the album full circle musically. 

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Stay tuned for the next part of the series!

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