Suicide Bombers Track-by-Track “All For The Candy” – Tonight Belongs To Us (Part 4)

SUiCiDE BOMBERS are thrilled to present a track-by-track runthrough of our latest record, ALL FOR THE CANDY, here at Junkyard Stories. This 12-part series will present one song every week, written by members of the band.

This week we have track number four “Tonight Belongs To Us”. Check out the interesting story of how this great song actually came together! Chris Damien Doll, Stevie Teaze and C. Slim are leading us trough this one!


Chris: I’ve had the chorus (title, chords and melody) for quite some time and always knew it was a strong idea, but never got around to finishing it. It goes on a little longer on each chord than we usually do, so it needed a busy riff on top and I guess that was the roadblock as far as the writing went. I wanted the lyrics to convey that “first love feel,” without being too obvious. Of course with sexy, but still a more “magical,” tonight belongs to us romantic feeling.

When the chorus was done it was just a matter of finding the right parts and I had nearly all of them from before. The pre chorus was one of 4 or 5 different pre choruses I toyed with for the song “Murder Couture” from our previous album. It didn’t feel right for that one, but it was perfect here. Similarly the verse was one I had been trying for the song “We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists,” a verse that almost worked then, but was changed at the last minute. The intro riff was also one I had lying around. The last part added was the middle eight and then of course the lyrics and finished vocal melody, which is frequently the last parts written for any song.

This was one of the 3 last songs I finished and brought into rehearsals. I knew this would be a hit ever since I first wrote that chorus melody on a bass a long time ago.  Incidentally this was also poised to be the album launch single. We have already shot all the band sequences for the video, but since we haven’t completed the story part yet, and the titletrack video was done and used the album cover set, we went with that instead. This will be the next video or the one after the next.

Stevie: I remember when Chris bought the demo to this, and I immediately thought that this is one of the hits, for sure! Great track with a very catchy chorus and just overall a great tune! Both melodically and lyrically! For the guitar solo, I wanted to really give it that arena rock vibe! One that I can just visually see myself playing in front of thousands. So I went with a bit more flash here, but very melodic and built tension all the way to the very last note. Really happy with how the solo turned out, and one that I’m very proud of! So fun to play this song live, definitely one of my favorites of this album. 

Slim: One of my favorites on this album. Like Chris said one of the last songs finished, but I think we all agreed on this being a hit and put it into the live set pretty much right away after we rehearsed it and played it on every gig for more than a year prior to the album coming out. Lyle does some very cool hi-hat “jumps” on the verses here as we’re changing chords and I echo them with a few extra notes on the bass. Nice little touches.

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Stay tuned for the next part of the series!

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