Crossbone Skully “Money, Sex or God” – New Single and Video

Crossbone Skully, a rising rock band, just dropped their new track “Money, Sex, or God” via Better Noise Music. Tommy Henriksen, the band’s leader and also known for his work with Alice Cooper and Hollywood Vampires, along with guitarist Anna Cara, announced the release in April.

Henriksen explained that the song was sparked by a conversation he had while watching TV, where it was mentioned that the three things people often avoid talking about are money, sex, and religion. The lyrics of the song reflect this idea, with lines like “Pick your prize, what you gonna choose? / I bet you God, he’s gonna lose.” It’s a thought-provoking track that dives into these taboo topics with a rock edge, making listeners ponder their choices in life.

The video for the song introduces us to Crossbone Skully, a hero fighting against evil. Check it out!

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