Dino Jelusick Turns Down Skid Row to Focus on His Own Band


Dino Jelusick, frontman of the heavy rock band Jelusick was a guest on the latest episode of the Croatian podcast “Svijet Oko Mene,” where he revealed that he turned down an offer to become the singer of a well-known American rock band.

The podcast “Svijet Oko Mene,” (World Around Me) hosted and produced by Antonio Šarić, besides classic interviews, also produces a special series dedicated to Bon Jovi discography, and Dino was a guest in a track-by-track discussion about the album “Bounce” from 2002. Before they touched on the main topic of the episode, there was a lot of talk about Dino’s career and the his band Jelusick. When asked if he has any backup plans in his career besides plan A, Dino responded:

Here is a translated and slightly edited transcript:

“There is no plan B. I think about plan B when plan A fails, and for now, plan A is succeeding and just needs to be pushed forward. We shouldn’t be greedy and try to push plan A, plan B, and plan C all at once. I recently received a call from a major global band, but I said I wouldn’t sing for that band because I want Jelusick to fully realize its potential. The band is from the same era as Bon Jovi. You can probably guess which one, as they recently lost their singer.”

The conversation than went further and it was the host of the podcast, Antonio Šarić, who actually revealed the name of the singer Dino Jelusick was offered to replace: it was none other than Erik Grönwall, who recently left Skid Row. Which Dino confirmed.

Following that, Dino also confirmed that he is working on a new album with his band Jelusick and doesn’t have time to get involved with other bands at the moment.

“As tempting as it may sound to be in big bands, and it really was great for me to be a part of Whitesnake and The Dead Daisies, but my drummer once said to me: either you are a leader or a follower. And I have never been a follower. I have always been a team player. Without ego. And when I was in someone else’s team, I was always quiet and dedicated to the team.”

“But to now work full-time somewhere where I am forever someone else’s follower? That’s difficult. You know, I am the only person who told Trans-Siberian Orchestra after one tour, “I’m not coming back this year; I’ll be doing something else.” Somehow, when you enter that comfort zone where you have everything, it’s very easy to relax and then you somehow stop doing your own thing. I have never been that guy. If this band (Jelusick) succeeds, it will be yet another proof. That’s why you need to jump on the hype train that is real, not fake; everything is organic. You need to sit down, write songs, and who knows, we’ll see.”

You can listen to the full interview and Bounce track-by-track discussion down below.

Back in 2023 Jelusick released their debut album “Follow The Blind Man”. You can listen to full album on the link below.

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