Slash Opens Up About Velvet Revolver’s Future in An Interview With Ola Englund

Slash was recently interviewed by guitarist Ola Englund on his YouTube channel and in a relaxed conversation, the two guitarists talked about various topics, including Slash’s new blues album, guitars, and many other interesting things. At one point, Ola Englund asked Slash what’s happening with the band Velvet Revolver, to which Slash responded:

“Well, Velvet Revolver when Scott was ousted from that, we toyed with the idea of maybe getting a replacement singer and continuing on. So, Matt and Duff, in earnest, auditioned a few different people and we wrote a bunch of songs. But I think as soon as it ended with Scott, it ended with me, yeah, because it was a really hard band. We went through a lot in that band and Scott was very difficult, and I just couldn’t see anybody coming in necessarily and them.”

There is also one interesting detail regarding Slash’s T-shirt. The band on his T-shirt is the Norwegian rock band Bokassa, which is a really cool thing to see not only for the Trondheim band itself but also for the whole Norwegian rock scene.

Check out the whole interview

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