Scott Weiland’s Widow Reveals Real Cause of Death: “He Didn’t Overdose”

In a recent episode of the podcast “Appetite for Distortion,” Jamie Wachtel Weiland, the widow of the late Scott Weiland, discussed the true cause of her husband’s death. Scott Weiland, best known as the frontman for the band Stone Temple Pilots, passed away in 2015. Jamie took this opportunity to correct a common misconception about his death.

Jamie expressed that Scott does not receive the respect and recognition he deserves. Many people assumed he died of a drug overdose, but she insists this is not true. According to Jamie, while Scott did have drugs in his system, this did not cause his death. The coroner had to label it an overdose because drugs were present, but the real reason was much deeper.

She explained that Scott’s main artery in his left ventricle was 95 percent blocked. This blockage was due to ten years of heroin use, a lifetime of heavy smoking, and heavy drinking. Essentially, his heart stopped because it was too damaged from years of abuse.

Jamie admitted she did not know Scott was using drugs again at the time of his death. He had lied to her to avoid disappointing her, and she had caught him using drugs before, which always led to big fights. Jamie shared a conversation with the coroner in Minnesota who confirmed that Scott probably lied to avoid letting her down again.

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