Hello everyone and wellcome to Junkyard Rock Stories!

Junkyard Rock Stories is an online rock ‘n’ roll magazine with an emphasis on reporting about everything that happens in the world of the music we all like.

The website started in 2014 and was reporting mostly in foregin language since. In 2023 after many changes we managed to create an English version of the website that is still under construction. There are many articles that we need to translate from the original version of the website, but there are also a lot of new ones that are coming this way.

Since we are based in Norway, we will devote special attention to the local scene in a special part of the website called Norway Rock. Also, if you like to write reviews of the shows that you went, contact us and we will post it here under your name. Just keep in the vein of our music taste. Hard rock, heavy rock, modern rock, hair/glam/sleaze metal are welcomed.

We really hope you are going to enjoy here with us. You can find us also on every social platform in the SoMe section of the website or contact us directly junkkysixx@gmail.com

Cheers and rock on!

Editor In chief – Janko Petrovic

By the way, I am a musician myself, so you can find some of my work the past down below. I play guitar and was a part of bands such are: Critical Solution Revisited, Filthy Cathouse, Sedansored and AlienBoy.

Filthy Cathouse – Senke Iz Ugla (Full length album, 2013) not english

Critical Solution Revisited – Drive (Single, 2017)

Sedansored – Why? (Full legth album, 2017)

Sedansored – Yerel (Video, 2017)

Sedansored – Live and High@ (Live Video, 2017)

Kosti – Istok (Guest apperance, solo only, 2022) not english

AlienBoy – Duty (Single, 2023)

You can also find us on Spotify where we have a playlist with fresh new rock and metal tunes!

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