Check out the new L.A. Guns video “Shattered Glass”


Los Angeles rockers L.A. Guns share “Shattered Glass”, second single from their upcoming album studio album Black Diamonds which is going to be released on April 14. The song was released along with the interesting video in contrast to the previous single You Betray.

So, to avoid repeating the same thing from the official statement, we could say something about the song itself. The song has a sound that leans more towards classic L.A. Guns songs, which is another difference compared to the previous single “You Betray” which was more alternative. At the moment there is some resemblance with the song Magdalaine from “Cocked and Loaded”.

Such differences are actually not bad because they indicate a possible diversity of the album “Black Diamonds”. However, it’s still too early to talk about that. All in all, this story looks promising, which is something L.A. Guns has accustomed us to with their fantastic series of albums since Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis reunited.

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