“L.A. Guns unveils third single ‘Diamonds’ ahead of ‘Black Diamonds’ album release


On Friday, the third single from L.A. Guns’ upcoming album Black Diamonds was released. The song, titled “Diamonds,” is accompanied by a music video produced by the band. This follows the previous releases of “You Betray” and “Shattered Glass,” both of which offer different styles and vibes.

“You Betray” is alternative at its core, while “Shattered Glass” has that classic Cocked And Loaded-era L.A. Guns feel. The diversity in style showcased by the band in these singles sets high expectations for the upcoming album, which is set to be released on April 14th.

The founder and guitarist of the band, Traci Guns, recently gave an interview to the legendary Metal Edge Magazine. During the interview, he spoke specifically about the new single “Diamonds,” sharing his thoughts on the song. Here’s what he had to say:

The single aside, which cuts from Black Diamonds stand out to you the most?

Guns: I think “Diamonds,” which is the third single that comes out right when the record comes out, is one that stands out to me. It’s like this big power ballad, almost like a Guns N’ Roses type of thing. It’s got great lyrics by Mitch, and when Phil sang it, I was floored. It’s a song that connects people to a situation that I think many men have been through, which makes it very relatable.

A lot of love songs are about “I love you, baby” or “I can’t live without you,” but this song is about a guy admitting he’s wrong for fucking up a relationship. And out of that brokenness and admission, people can move on where they both do better. They both can still find excitement, happiness, and joy, which I think is the sort of thing where we’ve all been there, even if a lot of us won’t admit it.

I think when people hear those lyrics, it’s going to really hit home for most people, especially older people past the age of 25 who have experienced totally frustrating, confusing heartbreak within relationships. The arrangement of the music is fucking cool, and a lot is going on there. There are a ton of layers and modes, and it feels like a big painting as far as the music goes. So, for me, that one is really special.

You can read the whole interview at Metal Edge Magazine website.

Track List for Black Diamonds:
01. You Betray
02. Wrong About You
03. Diamonds
04. Babylon
05. Shame
06. Shattered Glass
07. Gonna Lose
08. Got It Wrong
09. Lowlife
10. Crying
11. Like A Drug

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