Long-Awaited Angels In Vein Debut Album Set for Release on April 7th via Perris Records


Finally, almost seven years after the announcement of the formation of the band Angels In Vein, their debut album is going to be released. The album, titled “Long Time Coming,” will be released via Perris Records, a well-known label for this kind of music. This is exciting news, especially for fans of more modern types of glam/hair hard rock music and bands like Beautiful Creatures and Brides Of Destruction. Angels In Vein has released several singles and music videos over the years, but constant lineup changes and band members quitting delayed the process of releasing the debut album. Now, the wait is finally over.

AIV was formed in 2015 when founding members Chris VanDahl (Cherry Street, Pack Of Wolves, L.A Guns) and Todd (Taz) Anthony (Cherry Street, Spinning Chain, The Union Underground) renewed their collaborative efforts with the intention of writing a rock album for the ages. As the process progressed and the musical direction began to define itself, bassist Adam Kury, (Pack Of Wolves, Legs Diamond, Candlebox) and drummer Troy Patrick Farrell (White Lion, Gilby Clark, Enuff Z’ Nuff, Tantric) were recruited into the fold to contribute to and further refine the bands sound and identity. The end result and AIVs freshman offering is truly the culmination of a band who’s independent and collective efforts and abilities have generated an album that while many questioned if it would ever see the light of day, was definitely worth the wait. This is, Angels In Vein – Long Time Coming.

It is worth mentioning that Angels In Vein was a project led by Chris Van Dahl and Taz from the start. Throughout the years, some famous musicians were involved in the band, such as Stacey David Baldes (Roxx Gang, L.A. Guns, Crashing Wayward now) and Eric Stacey (Faster Pussycat). You can see those guys jamming in some of the band’s videos.

Anyway, it’s nice to see Chris and Taz finally achieving the goal they set a long time ago. Mark April 7th on your calendar for the album release if you’re a fan of this music!

Track List and Songwriters for Long Time Coming:

01. No One Gets Out Alive ( Anthony/VanDahl)
02. With Me Tonight (Anthony/VanDahl)
03. Bang A Gong (Cover)
04. Ready To Roll (Anthony/VanDahl)
05. 1973 (Anthony/VanDahl)
06. If Only (Anthony/VanDahl)
07. Don’t Want Love (Anthony/VanDahl)
08. Just Like You (Anthony/VanDahl)
09. Don’t You (Forget About Me) (Cover)
10. Black Blossom (Anthony/VanDahl)
11. Trip Of A Lifetime (Alvarez /VanDahl)

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