Superslow: The New Face of Rock Scene in Bergen Norway


There is a new band in town right now! They call themselves Superslow and they are a brand new rock act from Bergen, Norway. They have just released their first single titled “Hello,” which marks their introduction to the scene. Their debut EP is set to be released in April of this year.

Based on this song, we can say that Superslow’s music is influenced by garage rock and mixed with catchy pop tunes. As a brand new act, the best way to introduce them to music fans is to let them speak for themselves. So here it is:

Say Hello to Superslow, a brand new rock act from Bergen, Norway. This hard-hitting quartet consists of members from artists such as Hedda Mae, Michelle Ullestad, Kosmodome and Kryptograf. Superslow will punch you in the face right from the get go. Don’t let their name trick you into believing something else. With lyrics about self-realization and relationships, wrapped in fuzzy riffs and energetic top-lines, there’s just no way you can resist the urge to dance to this. This is garage rock inspired by rainbows, cartoons, cold showers and mistakes from their twenties.

2023 is the year for playing loud, dancing, sweating and feeling, everthing with Superslow as your soundtrack. After all – it’s time to make rock hip again!

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