The Bad Boys of Hollywood Are Back: Stream Glamour Punks’ Music Now

Glamour Punks – Hated By Millions…Loved By All…Ignored By None! Yes, THE Glamour Punks, bad boys from Hollywood have some great news for the fans – their music is finally available for streaming on all music platforms.

As of March 25th, you can find two albums from the legendary band ’20 Years of Damage… Can’t Fake The Punk’ and ‘One Sick Pose,’ everywhere you like to listen your music. And this is big news for the fans of glam rock music all over the world. Another hidden gem from the past has become available, and we can say it was one of the most anticipated ones.

Glamour Punks is one of those legendary Sunset Strip bands that emerged late into the game in the late 80s and early 90s. Despite not achieving much success in their career, they have cemented their place in the hearts of fans for all these years. Those who watched them remember them as one of the most unapologetic and wild bands from the scene. However, there aren’t many stories written about the band on the internet, which makes them even more mystifying for those who never saw them live.

There isn’t even a proper biography written about the band on the internet, except for a brief one on Here’s what they say about Glamour Punks:

“The Glamour Punks formed in the late ’80s or early ’90s and were a big hit on the Sunset Strip at the time, mixing punky influences such as the Sex Pistols and New York Dolls with early Mötley Crüe’s style.

During this time, the band never officially released an album, but put out plenty of demos featuring songs such as “Kick Her In The Head“, “Submit“, “Death Of America“ and “Hated By Millions.” Vocalist Mandie remastered some of the demos and released them on CD in 2012. Unfortunately, bassist Dizzy Damage passed away in February of 1995.”

The Glamour Punks memebers: Screamin Boy Mandie (vocals), Skitzo [aka J. Sinn Farmer] (guitar), Strange (guitar), Mickey Lord (guitar), Alley Useless (bass), Dizzy Damage (bass), Staci Chemical (bass), Spazz (drums), Fly T. Hooker (drums).

Anyway, the important thing is that we finally have their music officially available on streaming platforms. And with Jet 68 that was released earlier this month, we may be seeing a trend of re-uploading music from lesser-known but great bands from the past onto these platforms, allowing millions of new fans to discover them.

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