Danko Jones Returns with Explosive New Single “Guess Who’s Back


Canadian rocker Danko Jones has just released a new single titled “Guess Who’s Back” the upcoming album, “Electric Sounds.” The band surprised fans by announcing the release on their official Facebook page four days before it dropped on Friday.

“Guess Who’s Back” is an energetic and hard-hitting track that showcases the band’s signature sound. According to Danko Jones, the song is just a small taste of what’s to come from their latest album.

The band has been working on “Electric Sounds” behind the scenes, keeping it a secret from the public until now. Danko Jones stated in the Facebook post that they “quietly finished a new album of pummeling hard rock while everyone wasn’t looking.”

It’s always exciting to hear new music from Danko Jones. If you’re into high-octane and energetic, yet simple rock tunes, then this release is a must-hear for you.

Danko Jones @ Facebook Instagram

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