Extreme Shatters Expectations with Dual Single Release


Extreme really went against the norms as the band released two new songs at the same time from the upcoming album “Rise” on Wednesday, April 19th. The first song is called “Banshee,” and it certainly rocks, much like their previous single “Rise” did. But that’s not all! Another song that was released at the same time called “Rebel,” follows the same musical path of the previous two.

Will this be all, or will there be more songs released as we are writing this? Let’s find out and see. So far, Extreme has a strong contender for album of the year. Great job, Extreme!

One day before the release, the band posted a video featuring guitarist Nuno Bettencourt discussing which single to release. Perhaps that’s how they decided to release both of them. Check out the video below.

The track listing for SIX is:

1.   Rise

2.   #Rebel

3.   Banshee

4.   Other Side of the Rainbow

5.   Small Town Beautiful

6.   The Mask

7.   Thicker Than Blood

8.   Save Me

9.   Hurricane

10. X Out

11. Beautiful Girls

12. Here’s to the Losers


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