The 69 Eyes Debuts Haunting Music Video Featuring Kat Von D – New Album Available


Finnish gothic rock band The 69 Eyes has released a new album titled “Death Of Darkness,” and to celebrate its release, they have debuted a music video for the track “This Murder Takes Two.” The video features tattoo artist and musician Kat Von D, who adds her unique flair to the dark and moody visuals.

The song itself is a hauntingly beautiful ballad that showcases the band’s signature sound, which blends gothic rock, darkwave, and metal influences. Singer Jyrki 69’s deep, soulful vocals perfectly complement the atmospheric instrumentals, creating a haunting and hypnotic experience.

The addition of Kat Von D in the music video adds an extra layer of intrigue and allure to the already captivating visuals. The tattoo artist, known for her dark and intricate ink work, adds her signature style to the video, enhancing the gothic aesthetic that the band is known for.

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