The Solution for Disappointed Rock Fans Is Simple

You know what, if you don’t like that Kiss or Motley Crue uses prerecorded tracks, that Motley kick Mick Mars out of the band and accuse him of forgetting how to play, that Vince Neil sings poorly, that Don Dokken looks like he’s on stage against his will with no voice whatsoever, that Axl Rose sounds like he’s on helium, that Bon Jovi looks like he lost his voice totally, that Ozzy Osbourne plans to perform in a wheelchair, that some bands perform without any original members, or that there are multiple bands with the same name… if you’ve had enough of all that, Junkyard has a simple solution for all of you, or rather a recommendation!

The solution is called – young bands! Or rather, bands in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. They don’t make a fuss about the percentage of revenue each member should receive, their singers hit all the notes like they were recorded on the album, they look great and are in excellent shape, they make extremely high-quality music and don’t take breaks of 10 to 15 years between albums, they are full of energy, enthusiasm, and adrenaline…

If you’re sick of spending big bucks for concerts and standing dozens of meters away from the band, paying for expensive drinks, parking, and other costs that ticket sellers and organizers come up with, if you’re tired of bad and off-key performances without passion, desire, energy, and enthusiasm, if you’re fed up with bands behaving like corporations instead of musical groups – then start listening to younger rock bands, go to their concerts, and buy their shirts and records. It will cost you less, and the pleasure will be immeasurably greater. In fact, you’ll feel rock and roll music the way it’s meant to be felt.

Just one small note! Not all older bands are the same because there are still many that manage to maintain the necessary level. They should certainly be supported! As for the younger ones, the matter is very simple. If you don’t know where to start, ask us, and we’ll give you suggestions and names of groups that deserve much more attention than they actually get!

Here are some suggestions to start with: Budderside, Stolen Prayer, Scarlet Rose, Dorothy, Classless Act, Dirty Honey, Wildstreet, Crazy Lixx, Crashdiet, Hardcore Superstar, Backyard Babies, The 69 Eyes, The Cruel Intentions, HEAT, Kissin Dinamyte, Shiraz Lane and many many more….

All in all, this is just the personal opinion of the editor of this website. If you like it – accept it, if not, what can I tell you, you’re missing out.

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