Winger Releases Second Single “It All Comes Around” from Upcoming Album “Seven”


Winger has just released a brand new video for their latest single “It All Comes Around” from their upcoming album “Seven”. This song is the second single to be released after “Proud Desperado” and is the last song on the album, serving as the album closer.

The upcoming album “Seven” is set to be released on May 5th this year and will be the band’s seventh studio album. So far, the album promises to be a great addition to their already impressive discography.

Winger’s latest single “It All Comes Around” from their upcoming album “Seven” showcases a different side to the band compared to their previous single “Proud Desperado”. While “Proud Desperado” was a rocking number, “It All Comes Around” has a half-balladesque feel to it.

What’s interesting about “It All Comes Around” is that it’s a seven-minute-long song, which is an uncommon choice for a single, at least these days. However, it’s a testament to Winger’s musical ability and willingness to experiment with different styles and structures.

This year also marks the 30th anniversary of their 1993 release “Pull”, one of the most underrated albums of all time in rock history. Can this new album “Seven” top “Pull”, let’s wait and see.

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“Seven” tracklisting:

1. Proud Desperado

2. Heaven’s Falling

3. Tears Of Blood

4. Resurrect Me

5. Voodoo Fire

6. Broken Glass

7. It’s Okay

8. Stick The Knife In And Twist

9. One Light To Burn

10. Do Or Die

11. Time Bomb

12. It All Comes Back Around

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