The Defiants Announced New Album with a Single “Hey Life”


The Defiants have exciting news for their fans, as they have announced the upcoming release of their third album titled “Drive”. The album, set to be available on June 9th via Frontiers records, will feature a collection of brand new tracks, including the recently released single, “Hey Life”.

The Defiants, composed of members of the popular bands Danger Danger, FM, and the Paul Laine Band, have been making waves in the rock music scene since their formation in 2015. With their impressive musical backgrounds and the success of their previous albums, the anticipation for “Drive” is high.

The Defiants have released two albums prior to their upcoming release of “Drive”. Their debut self-titled album, “The Defiants”, was released in 2016 and featured 12 tracks that blended elements of hard rock and melodic rock. Their second album, “Zokusho”, was released in 2019 and featured 11 tracks that showcased the band’s growth and experimentation with different sounds and styles. Both albums received positive reviews from fans and music critics, and helped establish The Defiants as a formidable force in the rock music scene.

The band: Paul Laine (vocals), Rob Marcello (guitar), Bruno Ravell (bass) and Van Romaine (drums)

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  1. Hey Life
  2. Go Big Or Go Home
  3. 19 Summertime
  4. What Are We Waiting For
  5. Miracle
  6. Against The Grain
  7. So Good
  8. Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
  9. Another Time, Another Place
  10. The Night To Remember
  11. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me No
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