Swedish Rockers Degreed Unveil Groovy New Single ‘Ride Along’ from Upcoming Album


Swedish rockers Degreed released a new song this weekend titled “Ride Along” from their upcoming album “Public Address,” which will be available on July 7th under the Frontiers Records label. This will be their seventh album, and so far they have released two new songs, including the previous single “Big Plans.”

The new tune is groovy, catchy, and melodic, with powerful guitars and grandiose choruses, making it the perfect blend for any hard rock lovers out there. If you’re up for something new and fresh, Degreed is the band for you. No matter that they are onto their 7th studio album, discovering new bands that catch your attention is always a great moment.

Here is a brief info about the band taken from Frontiers website:

“We’re stoked to get these songs out for you to hear. I think we’ve made a massive album in terms of the songs, but also in terms of sound. It’s been a few months of hard work, but looking back at it now, while listening to the result, it’s been well worth it. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of this one!” says drummer Mats Eriksson.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the band wasn’t able to tour on the heels of the release of their 2019 album “Lost Generation”, so they set out to begin work on their sixth studio album, “Are You Ready”during the forced downtime. The record showcased a more straightforward and focused direction for the band’s sound, while still being extremely melodic and catchy. Indeed, the 2022 album showed that degreed was back stronger than ever. Taking the inspiration from the process of creating their last studio album, the new album, “Public Address” sees degreed delivering hands-down the strongest album of their already impressive recorded output.

degreed have been releasing critically acclaimed music since the start of their career with their first album “Life, Love, Loss” in 2010. Over the course of their next five studio albums, the band has gone from strength to strength with every release, touring and gaining fans all over the world and they have no plans on stopping now. degreed’s sound mixes the classic melodic and hard rock sounds with more contemporary influences offering the fans a very personal, fresh and exciting mix of great rock music.

“Public Address” tracklisting:

1. Big Plans

2. Who Are You (To Say)

3. The Way Of The World

4. This Is Love

5. Ride Along

6. Free Again

7. Resist The Urge

8. Don’t Be A Stranger

9. A Safe Place

10. No One

11. For You

12. Pressure


Robin Eriksson – Bass/Vocals

Mats Eriksson – Drums

Mikael Blanc – Keyboards

Daniel Johansson – Guitars

You can also check out the previous video for the song “Big Plans”. Pay atention to the Robin Eriksson’s (singer, bassist) necklace. The necklace strongly resembles the symbol that the legendary Finnish band HIM had on their album ‘Love Metal’ in 2003. It looks like it’s some kind of cool tribute to Ville and his crew.

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