Buckcherry – Vol.10 (2023) Is It Any Good?


The new album from the band Buckcherry, Vol.10, arrives only two years after their previous one Hellbound, which also came out in a two-year cycle after the album Warpaint from 2019. In other words, it can be safely said that the band has found a good rhythm when it comes to releasing new albums in the last few years. This shows their consistency and determination to stay in the game constantly, but it can also lead to a kind of saturation. However, that is not the case with Buckcherry.

Buckcherry is one of those bands where you know what to expect, like AC/DC, Iron Maiden, or earlier Motorhead. That’s it. High-octane, modern sleazy, reverse Chuck Berry rock ‘n’ roll. And that’s exactly what we get on this milestone tenth album. Everything is expertly and skillfully packaged, down to the last detail. Nothing sticks out or is unnecessary. The song structures are fast, short, and clear, so the album, including the cover at the end, reaches 36 minutes. That’s more than enough for today’s standards.

The opening track, “This and That,” exudes a New Wave Classic Rock vibe, which is still popular these days, in a complete Joe Perry style, at least when it comes to guitars by Stevie D. and Billy Rowe. It is followed by “Good Time,” which was also released as the first single, where Josh Todd and the band invite us to a proper rock ‘n’ roll party. That’s something Buckcherry might be the best at. The next two songs, “Keep On Fighting” and “Turn it On,” have some irresistible Slash influences. The first one, a bit darker and more energetic, could easily be found on the never-released third Velvet Revolver album. Hm, wasn’t Josh Todd in consideration to become the frontman of that band long ago?

At track five, “Feel Like Love,” there’s a sharp turn. Buckcherry rarely takes such a radical move – writing an ’80s-style power ballad in the vein of Def Leppard’s “Hysteria” days. However, fortunately or not, depending on who you ask, the next song, “On and On,” brings things back to their place. It’s probably the best song on the album. It has a slightly darker tone with a unique high-octane energy. If it doesn’t become a hit, it will certainly be one of those golden deep cuts that the most hardcore fans will know how to appreciate.

The rest of the album consists of “Shine Your Light,” which is average but has a catchy chorus that saves it, “Let’s Get Wild,” which we had the chance to hear as a single. After that, there’s a slight turn with “With You,” which could easily pass as an Alice Cooper or Thin Lizzy song, although the opening riff has some Scorpions vibe. It’s a very good song just before the end. The album’s original part concludes with the song “Pain,” which is also slower tune like “Feel Like Love,” but it fits Buckcherry much more. The song has more of a ’90s alternative oasis-like vibe. It’s a great way to end the album; however, it’s not the end because the version we reviewed also includes a cover of Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69.” No hard feelings, but this track might have been unnecessary.

All in all, another quality release from these California rockers. With a few surprises and a bunch of good old dirty rockers, Vol.10 definitely receives a high rating, following the system we adopted from Michael Butler of the Rock N Roll Geek Podcast. Scoring system is: 1 for the song we like, 0/5 for something in between and 0 for the one we didn’t like.

01. This And That 0/5
02. Good Time 1
03. Keep On Fighting 1
04. Turn It On 0/5
05. Feels Like Love 0
06. One And Only 1
07. Shine Your Light1
08. Let’s Get Wild 1
09. With You 1
10. Pain 1
11. Summer of 69 0

Ratings: 8/11

As we already mentioned, Buckcherry is one of those bands where you know what to expect. Sometimes, as reviewers, this can make our job more difficult, but this time, that certainly isn’t the case. Vol.10 is an excellent set of songs that will show new fans who Buckcherry really are but will also satisfy the tastes of older fans. Josh Todd and the team deliver what they do best on this release – high-octane, sleazy, modern party rock ‘n’ roll, expertly packaged in a set of compactly written songs infused with superb musicianship!

Band Members:
Josh Todd – vocals
Stevie Dacanay – lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Kelly Lemieux – bass
Francis Ruiz – drums
Billy Rowe – rhythm and lead guitars, backing vocals

Produced and mixed by Marti FrederiksenAnthony Focx and Evan Frederiksen

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