Lost Hearts Dominates the Rock Scene with Their Latest Single ‘Maybe I’d Want You’


After two very successful songs, “Hate Yourself” and “Night To Remember,” Nashville rockers Lost Hearts have released their third single titled “Maybe I’d Want You.” The song itself was released on June 16th, but we waited for the music video, which arrived a week later. By adopting a strategy of releasing singles, Lost Hearts seem to have completely captivated the entire rock and metal community.

As far as we’re concerned, these are three fantastic songs in which these young guys showcase their lavish musical talent and hit-making skills. What characterizes the previous two songs, as well as this new one, is the irresistible catchy melody they possess, great guitar work and hooks that instantly grab you without letting go.

So far, it’s three out of three. With this, Lost Hearts have definitely positioned themselves high up, side by side with other young rock bands in the genre, such as Dirty Honey and Classless Act, for example. Such a strong start needs to be maintained and built upon, although it seems like Lost Hearts have cracked the formula and don’t intend to stop.

Lost Hearts are:

Max Frye – vocals

JT Shea – guitars and bass

Victor Adriel – guitars and bass

Mithc Arnholt – drums

Lost Hearts @ Instagram – Linktree

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2 thoughts on “Lost Hearts Dominates the Rock Scene with Their Latest Single ‘Maybe I’d Want You’

  1. I love Lost Hearts! Lead vocals Max Frye is a class act! Out them together and fireworks 💥 💥💥💥! So proud Max is a friend and the us the hottest new band in Nashville, with the hottest members. Check them out!!! You won’t be disappointed !!! ONE LOVE ❤️ 🤘🤘🤘🤘

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