Black Stone Cherry Lights Up the Sky with Captivating Title Track from Upcoming Album


Black Stone Cherry, the Kentucky-based rock band, is gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated eighth studio album, Screamin’ At The Sky. The band has recently unveiled the album’s title track, accompanied by an engaging lyric video, offering fans a tantalizing taste of what’s to come. Set to be released on September 29 via Mascot Records, the album will be available in various formats, including white solid vinyl, a limited edition deluxe vinyl boxset, CD, and digital formats.

Frontman and guitarist Chris Robertson sheds some light on the album’s opening song, describing it as quintessentially Black Stone Cherry. In typical BSC fashion, the music was created before the lyrics, setting the energetic tempo for the track. Robertson envisions the song as a cathartic experience around a bonfire, where one can let go of their troubles and watch them dissipate into the night sky. The band wanted to kick off the album with a powerful and unapologetic statement, delivering an in-your-face experience right from the start.

So far, along with this new track, the fans had a chance to listen to the two more songs from this release – “Nervous” and “Out Of Pocket”.

Screamin’ At The Sky tracklisting:

“Out Of Pocket”
“Screamin’ At The Sky”
“When The Pain Comes”
“Show Me What It Feels Like”
“Smile, World”
“The Mess You Made”
“Who Are You Today?”
“Not Afraid”
“Here’s To The Hopeless”
“You Can Have It All”

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