Being A Guns N Roses Fan Is Not Easy – Another Disappointment


So, Guns N’s Roses, where is Perhaps?

Being a Guns N’ Roses fan has never been easy, as someone once said. The constant anticipation and waiting game played by the band (or individual members) has been going on since around 1994, if not earlier. So, for a good thirty years…

What’s the actual issue here? Just a week ago, a countdown appeared on the internet with a pre-save link, indicating that a new song by Guns N’ Roses titled “Perhaps” would be released on Friday, August 11th. This news was picked up by all the world’s music media, both small outlets and the major ones. August 11th came and went, and there was no sign of the song “Perhaps.” Not only that, but as has happened countless times before, there was no official statement explaining why the change or cancellation occurred. All in all, the gesture the Guns N’ Roses camp made towards fans is truly unheard of. It’s not just beneath their reputation, but it’s also embarrassing for a band that’s considered an iconic rock band.

You know, surviving the late 90s and almost the entire 2000s while waiting for a new album wasn’t easy. Those who followed the band back then know it best. But that’s in the distant past now. In today’s world of the internet, social media, and streaming services, to play with fans like this is much worse and more disrespectful than what happened back then. Many say that the GnR camp isn’t to blame because they never officially announced the release of the song “Perhaps.” Fine, that’s true. But did that camp officially announce the release of “Absurd” or “Hard Skool”? Has the band ever officially announced anything since that 1994 mention?

At a time when bands, both small and large, are competing to provide as much content as possible to their fans through social media, we don’t even get a simple public statement from Guns N’ Roses!!! Neither the fans nor the media! It’s utterly disrespectful.

Not to mention, nobody knows why only old songs from the Chinese Democracy sessions are being released. When will we get the new album? Are we even going to get the album at all? These are just some of the questions raised by fans throughout all these years, but there are more.

You know, social media profiles are used not just for “thank you, Cincinnati, thank you, Cleveland, you were wonderful,” occasional bizarre tweets, and totally uninteresting horror clips. They also serve as a means of communication with those without whom no band would be what it is. And they at least deserve that much, don’t they?


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