Underrated Gem: The Making Of Love/Hate’s “Blackout In The Red Room”


Love/Hate was one of those late 80s Sunset Strip bands that never really got the recognition they objectively deserved, especially after releasing their debut album “Blackout In The Red Room,” which was released in February 1990. The album never reached the same success as some of their counterparts had at that time, but it is still considered an underrated gem or a pure diamond of the late 80s Sunset Strip rock scene.

After that, Love/Hate released five more albums during the 90s: “Wasted In America” (1992), “Let’s Rumble” (1993), “I’m Not Happy” (1995), “Livin’ Off Layla” (1997), and “Let’s Eat” (1999). In 2022, the singer and founder of the band, Jizzy Pearl, released an album titled “Hell CA.” under the name Love/Hate.

But how did it all happen, and how did the band make their arguably best album, “Blackout In The Red Room”? Instead of writing the same old story that you can read on Wikipedia, let’s hear it from the man himself, the one and only Jizzy Pearl. The old pal Jizzo explained it all in the latest episode of his JPearlTV YouTube channel. If you want to hear more firsthand Sunset Strip stories like this one, and if you are a fan of this music, then you should definitely subscribe; it’s worth it!

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